1. Promote disaster risk reduction measures, prevention and disaster preparedness plans, deliver timely relief to disaster affected communities and help them for their rehabilitation and early recovery. Disasters include both man made and natural calamities including road related accidents.
  2. Promote sustainable peace in the horn of Africa communities through a collaborative institutional framework between governments, non-governmental organizations and communities in the region and to create environment conducive for proper conflict
    management, transformation and post conflict reconciliation and to establish early warning
    mechanisms on social conflicts and to effectively counter violent extremism.
  3. Promotion of education with special focuses on girls and disadvantaged children and provides opportunities for learning in order to advance educational equity.
  4. Provision of accessible, clean and safe drinking water and quality sanitation facilities.
  5. To eliminate discrimination and build a community that respects and promotes human rights and equal opportunity through human rights awareness, advocacy and empowerment among the general public.
  6. Promote environmental conservation and combat climate change issues by employing proper conservation activities and building strong partnership with the communities we work with and educate them on how they can contribute towards sustainable environmental management.
  7. Improving the health status of the communities and delivering quality healthcare services.
  8. Promote sustainable agricultural and food products, ensuring supply sufficiency, high quality farming and production operations.